Special Installation

Are you a system engineer and looking for a compact desinfection until that can be integrated? 
Are you a manufacturer of medical equipment and need a 24V solution for the US market?
Are you a food manufacturer and looking for a desinfection tunnel for the feed line to the highcare sector?

Special installation

UVpro UVC units for surface disinfection, air disinfection and water disinfection - conveyor belt for meat processing
Project examples
Assemblies from professionals
UVpro modules are available to you for specific applications as components of facilities. We combine the optimal ballast with the UVpro tube selected...
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disinfection sluice for transport contrainer and laundry trolleys. For uvc disinfection in laundries, hospitals, nursing homes and hotels.
Sluice for container
UVC disinfection sluice for the treatment of transport container
The UVC disinfection sluice has been specially developed for the disinfection of transport container and can be individually adapted to the desired...
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Automatisierte UVC Entkeimung speziell für Ihre Anwendung im Sonderbau
UVC disinfection tunnel
Customized solutions for automated disinfection
Disinfection tunnels can be integrated directly to the production line and they disinfect automated during ongoing production. Depending on the design...
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UVC for biosafety cabinets
Hygienic surfaces in safety cabinets.
UVpro disinfection unit for workbenches or biological safety cabinets that ensures hygienic surfaces when working with sensitive materials.
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For hygienic pallet skids in sensitive production areas
The UVpro BF-PAL has been specially developed for the disinfection of pallet skids in the pharmaceutical and food industries. On plastic and aluminium...
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UVC disinfection chamber - effective and safe
The UVpro EKB disinfection chamber is ideal for the reliable disinfection of objects and work equipment that must be brought into sensitive areas.
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