UVpro CU-1

UVPRO CU-1 monitoring modules are the simplest and cheapest solution for function control of your UVpro disinfection units. The module is factory-set for your installation (number and capacity of the units to be monitored). The operating current is controlled and if it falls below the threshold, an alarm is triggered through the occupied output (DC or AC) and a red LED signal on the module.

  • Function control of UVpro ballasts
  • AC and DC output, LED signaling
  • Simple mounting with DIN rail system
Technical data


TypeUVpro CU-1
Operating temperature [C°]:0...+50
Supply voltage [VAC]:220...240 (50...60 Hz)
Max. load current [A]:5
Switching threshold [mA]:50...1600 (pre-set by the factory)
Signalising, DC:max. 30 VDC / max. 0,2 A
Signalising, AC:max. 250 VAC / max. 0,2 A