UVpro tubes

UVpro tubes are specifically produced and adapted for their application. Classification is made with regard to the tube socket (2-pin or 4-pin), tube lengths (100-1000 mm), glass specification (ozone-free or ozone-producing tubes), and the glass structure (single-wall dry room tubes, dual-wall immersion emitter, and double-wall thermal tubes). Each tube has its characteristic temperature and power curve and IP specification. All tubes are designed for a minimum duration of 12,000 operating hours (<75% of the original nominal capacity), but they can last up to 2 years in continuous operation in many applications. Of course, you will be able to get not only the tubes for our current range of equipment from us but also spare tubes for all products sold by us in the last 12 years. We also offer some special designs in order for you to be able to still get your older devices fitted with UVC quality of UVpro.

product details


  • Tube lengths of 100-1000 mm
  • Immersion emitter and thermal tubes, 2-pin and 4-pin version
  • Ozone-free or ozone-producing tubes
  • All tubes with Teflon splinter protection according to HACCP and IFS