UVpro BDM 2018

The UVpro BDM 2018 belt disinfector disinfects transport- and conveyor belts up to 4 meter length with the highest quality. The UVC tube is approved for food production by the HACCP and IFS due to its PTFE shatter protection. All plug-in connections are designed for permanent use in wet conditions and correspond to protection class IP69K. The tiltable PTFE reflector ensures that cleaning water flows off the devices and no remaining moisture is left in the device. Band disinfectors of the UVpro series BDM 2018 are designed in such a way that they can be disassembled, cleaned, replaced and reassembled with minimal use of tools. 

For reliable disinfection of belts with more than 4 meters conveyor length, we recommend the UVpro BD2016 HD.



Technical data
product details


Short name
UVpro BDM 2018 HD
Operating temperature [C°]:0...+25
Type:BDM 2018-60
Input power [W]:30
Suitable UVpro tube:KTS30-4bl
Total UVC output [W253,7 nm]:10
max. conveyor width [mm]:600
Mount:with bracket mounting kit
Supply voltage [VAC]:220...240 (50...60Hz)

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  • effective against bacteria, pathogenic germs, yeasts, and moulds
  • for short transport and processing conveyor belts, slicers and packaging machines
  • suitable for the food industry
  • all connectors are designed for wet cleaning conditions with high pressure
  • complies with IP69K
  • easy installation even in existing systems
  • including mounting brackets for the installation under the belt
  • the unit remains under the belt during cleaning
  • special reflector made of PTFE with high efficiency, tiltable for cleaning
  • for belts of 250, 400, 600, 800 and 1000 mm width
  • blue, optical detectable plastic and stainless steel



  • disinfects residue free and without the use of chemicals
  • especially designed for wet cleaning and humid operating conditions
  • complies with IP69K - suitable for high pressure cleaning
  • easy to clean due to Hygienic Design
  • avoids cross-contamination
  • low heat development (< 45°C), gentle on belt and packaging material
  • modular and compact for easy maintenance
  • UVpro tubes are PTFE coated and comply with the HACCP and IFS requirements for splinter protection
  • maximum power, high ignition frequency and long life


System Accessories
UVpro monitoring module - UVC disinfection for water, air and surfaces
UVpro UVC Line
Monitoring module for 8 channels
With the UVpro UVC Line you have a possibility to flexibly combine and use 8 UVC units with one module.
product details
UVpro UVC Orca Überwachungsmodul Funktionskontrolle Vorschaltgerät Entkeimung
UVpro CU-1
Monitoring module
UVpro CU-1 monitoring modules are the easiest and most inexpensive solution for the function control of your UVpro disinfection units.
product details
UVpro UVC Entkeimung Röhrentausch Schutzausrüstung Schutzbrille Orca
Protective clothing
Protective clothing
Your safety is top priority in everything that we do. The necessary protective gear for easy maintenance or replacing tubes is included as part of the...
product details
UVpro UVC-Röhren zur Entkeimung von Luft, Oberflächen und Wasser. Tauchstrahler und Thermoröhren von Orca
UVpro tubes
Specialists for many applications
For each UVpro disinfection unit and its special application you get the suitable UVC tube.
product details
UVC measurement for work safety at the work space
UVpro Safe
UVC risk assessment at the workspace
The UVpro Safe is a measuring instrument for the determination of a potential UVC load at the workplace which measures the prevailing UVC irradiance.
product details
UVC measurement for determining the tube performance of uvc low pressure lamps
UVpro Lampchecker
Measuring instrument to determine the tube performance
The UVpro Lampchecker is a measuring device to validate the tube performance of UVC low pressure tubes in the application environment.
product details