UVpro V1000

UVpro V1000 circulating air disinfectors are ideal for the reliable disinfection of any room in industrial food production with up to 800 m². The device is suitable for humid rooms, disinfects up to 800 m³/h of air and, thanks to its adjustable ventilation system, allows a significant increase in the UVC dose, so that even mould spores are killed in one pass. 6 powerful thermo tubes guarantee the highest UVC performance even at temperatures below 0 °C.

Our UVC circulating air disinfectors UVpro V500, V300 or V50 are suitable for smaller volume flows.

Technical data
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TypeUVpro V1000
Operating temperature [C°]:-10...+40
Input power [W]:296
Dose [mJ/cm]:37
Total UVC output [W253,7 nm]:84
Air volume [m³/h]:250 - 800 (adjustable)
Noise emission [dB]:30 - 51
Size(L x Ø) [mm]:1091 x 314
Supply voltage [VAC]:220...240 (50...60Hz)



  • effective against bacteria, pathogenic germs, yeasts and moulds
  • for production and ripening rooms, cold stores and warehouses from 450-800m²
  • disinfects up to 800 m³/h air
  • 21 mJ/cm² average disinfection dose
  • continuously adjustable ventilation system for different air qualities
  • the housing is made of robust and easy to clean stainless steel
  • 6 special thermo tubes guarantee highest UVC performance even at temperatures below 0 °C
  • lined inside with corrosion-free PTFE reflector
  • visual protection lamellas for optimum work safety
  • with two eyelets for ceiling mounting



  • very high UVC dose due to optimized whirling technology
  • 99% of bacteria and viruses are killed in one pass
  • inactivates even resistant mould spores
  • avoidance of germ nests and germ accumulation through Hygienic Design
  • the UVpro V1000 works self-sufficiently and is also suitable for rooms without supply air system
  • easy installation, even retrospectively
  • can be disassembled without tools for maintenance and cleaning purposes


System Accessories
UVpro monitoring module - UVC disinfection for water, air and surfaces
UVpro UVC Line
Monitoring module for 8 channels
With the UVpro UVC Line you have a possibility to flexibly combine and use 8 UVC units with one module.
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UVpro UVC Orca Überwachungsmodul Funktionskontrolle Vorschaltgerät Entkeimung
UVpro CU-1
Monitoring module
UVpro CU-1 monitoring modules are the easiest and most inexpensive solution for the function control of your UVpro disinfection units.
product details
UVC measurement for determining the tube performance of uvc low pressure lamps
UVpro Lampchecker
Measuring instrument to determine the tube performance
The UVpro Lampchecker is a measuring device to validate the tube performance of UVC low pressure tubes in the application environment.
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