UVpro Safe

UVpro Safe is a measuring instrument to determine a potential UVC exposure at the workplace. Based on directive 2006/25/EC, the UVpro Safe measures the current predominant and biologically weighted UV radiation intensity and determines the maximum permissible exposure time of the skin and eyes. The maximum length of stay advised can be read directly on the display. The displayed value is based on the assumption that the measured UV radiation is constant during the entire working day or duration of stay. The device may be used only for measurements on UVC low pressure lamps. Don’t use when the source of radiation is unknown.

Technical data
product details


TypeUVpro Safe
Software:App for Android operating systems
Application:Risk assessment of UVC low pressure lamps
Display range:Duration of stay from 1 minute to 24 hours
Cable length of the sensor [cm]:180



  • safe and simple assessment of the risk of UVC low pressure lamps
  • connectable to all Android devices via Mini USB
  • including Android device and calibration certificate
  • indication of the maximum duration of stay in colour and, in case of danger, shown with additional vibration alarm.



  • leaks in protective devices and visual protection are detected
  • the sensors can be connected to all Android devices via Mini USB
  • easy handling and application