UVpro Lampchecker

The performance of UVC low pressure lamps is decisively depending on several influencing factors such as ambient temperature, used ballast, with or without Teflon splinter protection etc. With the UVpro Lampchecker it is possible for the first time, to determine the tube performance in different application environments and to validate them with control measurements. A reference value (100%) at which the following measurements are based, is made up by averaging from three learning measurements. Place the sensor into the associated fixture, place it on the tube and drive along the tube with the sensor. The fixture is designed for the different diameters of UVpro tubes and ensures a constant distance to the tube and constant conditions. The radiant power (in %) or rather the necessity of replacing a tube can be read directly from the display.



Technical data
product details


Type:UVpro Lampchecker
Software:App for Android operating systems
Application:Performance evaluation of UVC low pressure lamps
Display range [%]:UVC tube power, determined from a reference value
Cable length of the sensor [cm]:180



  • Safe, reliable and easy determinaion of the UVC tube performance
  • For use with UVC low pressure lamps
  • Connectable to all Android devices via mini USB
  • Including Android device, fixture for UVpro tubes and calibration certificate
  • Cable length of the sensor is 180 cm