Van Remmen - P-series

The P-series is an all-round system for the disinfection of process water, water re-use and recycling, waste water, and cooling water: in general liquids with a transmittance ranging from 60% to 80%.

The P-series stands for efficiency and ease. The systems can treat up to 360m³ water per hour at a dose of 300 J/m², with a very low energy use and very limited maintenance costs.



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    • Reliable and effective disinfection
    • Low maintenance
    • Easy to use
    • Energy efficient
    • Low-pressure lamps with a long lifespan and high UV-C efficiency


    System Accessories
    UVpro monitoring module - UVC disinfection for water, air and surfaces
    UVpro UVC Line
    Monitoring module for 8 channels
    With the UVpro UVC Line you have a possibility to flexibly combine and use 8 UVC units with one module.
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    UVpro UVC Orca Überwachungsmodul Funktionskontrolle Vorschaltgerät Entkeimung
    UVpro CU-1
    Monitoring module
    UVpro CU-1 monitoring modules are the easiest and most inexpensive solution for the function control of your UVpro disinfection units.
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    UVC measurement for determining the tube performance of uvc low pressure lamps
    UVpro Lampchecker
    Measuring instrument to determine the tube performance
    The UVpro Lampchecker is a measuring device to validate the tube performance of UVC low pressure tubes in the application environment.
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    UVpro UVC water disinfection with Van Remmen water reactors
    Van Remmen - V-series
    Validated water reactors
    The V-Series has been developed, tested and optimized to disinfect water with a transmission between 80% and 99% reliably and economically.
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    UVpro water disinfection with UVC. Van Remmen water reactors.
    Van Remmen - C-series
    Certified water reactors
    The Certified Series from van Remmen is designed to give water with a permeability of 80% to 99% the quality and safety of drinking water.
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