UVpro Radiometer

UVpro Radiometer for the measurement of UVC low pressure lamps. The meter measures the dose [J/cm2] over time and the irradiance [W/cm2]. Includes calibrated UVC sensor and Android smartphone.?Measuring range up to 155 mW/cm2, UV spectral range from 230-280 nm.
The device may only be used for measurements on UVC low-pressure lamps. Do not use with unknown radiation source!

Technical data
product details


Type:UVpro Radiometer
Software:App for Android operating systems
Application:Measurement of prevailing UVC radiations
Display range:Irradiance von 0,01 mW/cm² bis 155 mW/cm²
Dose [J/cm²] over time
Cable length of the sensor [cm]:180



  • safe and easy detection of UVC radiation
  • includes Android device and calibration certificate
  • sensor via Mini USB connectable to all Android devices
  • delivery in a handy case