The UVpro LED-WR reactor series has been specially developed for water disinfection of very small quantities. The advantages of the new LED technology are consistently exploited in this series: extremely low power losses and very small size. The devices guarantee a reliable disinfection with a constant UV power, especially where previous devices have been to big to be installed. The UVpro LED reactors are designed for point-of-use installations and disinfection immediately prior to use minimizes the risk of re-contamination by pipes or hoses. In contrast to the conventional technology, the LEDs can be switched on just before the water extraction due to their very short reaction time. This extends the lifespan and increases the efficiency.

Technical data
product details


TypeUVpro LED-WR
Model:9C / 12C
UV Dose [mJ/cm²] at max. flow [lpm] 10:5,3 / 8,0
UV Dose [mJ/cm²] at max. flow [lpm] 16:4,0 / 5,0
UV Dose [mJ/cm²] at max. flow [lpm] 40:1,75 / 2,25
Input power [W]:7-11 / 9-14
Max. pressure in operation [Bar]:8,3
Temperature of the liquid [C°]:0-45
Inlet / Outlet water connection:3/8" or 1/2" Male
Voltage [VDC]:12


effective against bacteria, pathogenic germs, yeasts and moulds
minimum space requirement
point-of-use installations
optimized output power
low power usage
constant output


low power loss
very small size
low power usage
short response times