UVC disinfection tubes have been in use for air disinfection in hospitals since 1935. UVC disinfection is therefore not new technology, but the applications are developing rapidly.

The advantage of this long history are extensive scientific studies and data on the subject. Today, we can describe the exact mechanism of action and predict the killing dose of various organisms from a vast array of publications and our own measurements.

With skillful design, reliable and cost-effective solutions can be realized for the air disinfection, surface disinfection, water disinfection and also the disinfection of liquids in the food industry, animal husbandry, climate and building services, laboratories, and medicine.

Food production

UVC disinfection provides germ-resistant production equipment and facilities, even between cleaning times and during production.

Conveyor belt disinfection, surface disinfection, air disinfection, and irradiation of the packaging materials are indispensable tools for the quality of modern food today. We integrate these high-quality technical components into your production facilities.

Climate and air conditioning technology

With UVC modules for air disinfection, even large volume flows can be effectively disinfected. Channel systems and air circulation systems are analyzed by us with your physical parameters and disinfection solutions calculated with examples of different UVC installations. As part of your offer, you will receive forecasted disinfection results for various germs and visualized mounting suggestions of our air recirculation disinfectors, modules for ventilation and air conditioning or wall and ceiling units for the optimal positioning of the tubes within the existing HVAC system or special disinfection chambers.

Air washer and humidifier

Through immersion emitters in the reflux tanks of air cleaners and humidifiers with water reservoirs, biofilms can be avoided and germ concentrations combated in compliance with VDI 6022.

Whether in painting facilities of the aircraft and automotive industries, in humidifiers of air conditioning units, UVC technology provides economically and ecologically sensible solutions of water disinfection.

Cooling towers and cooling circuits

Cooling towers and cooling circuits wash out algae and microorganisms from the outside air in each cycle. This accumulation of microorganisms results in the formation of biofilms in pipelines and in heat exchangers. The biofilm reduces pumping energy and heat exchange. This can be prevented without the use of chemicals through the use of submersible emitters or flow reactors.

Hospitals and doctors’ offices

UVC wall and ceiling units provide low-germ rooms long after cleaning in hospitals and medical practices. Air recirculating disinfectors ensure healthy air in waiting rooms and lounges. UVC radiation reliably kills hepatitis and HIV viruses, pathogens, and MRSA germs.

Agriculture and animal husbandry

In agriculture, valuable animals are kept in confined spaces. The air in pig stalls gets a wholly new quality with UVC chambers in times of PRRS viruses and FMD risks. Whether material locks or disinfection stations for pneumatic tube systems, with UVC systems, you’ll play it safe even in farming.

Industrial waters

Drinking water disinfected with UVC has been state of the art for decades. Industrial water requires further consideration, however. What is the transmission of the water and are there ingredients that are UVC labile or UVC absorbing?

We will analyze your situation and we have specialized in high-requirement industrial waters with special thin-film and flatbed reactors.

Oem components for system construction

Are you a system engineer and are planning to integrate a special UVC solution in your products? Through our versatile modular design, prototypes can be implemented very quickly and serial systems can be implemented in smaller quantities. We offer realization of special requests, such as proprietary labels or special dimensions. As an OEM partner, we of course guarantee discretion and confidentiality and are pleased to give you some advice in questions of patent and property rights.